The Flash Season 3: Wally Will it soon become Kid Flash? The cast responds!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

While Season 3 of The Flash in full swing on the CW, Grant Gustin and the rest of the cast benefited from an interview with IGN site for the new teaser for Wally!

the-flash-saison-3-episode-3-3x03-jesse-quickWally he will finally get the destiny he desires so much? And yes meltynautes, since the beginning of this third season, Wally is desperate at the idea of becoming also a superhero. If Flashpoint had given him gifts of speedster since Barry went back in time, our Wally has to settle to attend as a spectator to The Flash exploits and Jesse Quick. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Wally would become villain in Season 3 of The Flash , the cast took advantage of an interview with the site IGN for teaser this new dynamic. First, know that actors are very impressed with the villain of the chapter : “the presence of Alchemy is the most powerful and scarier than we had in the show There’s something about him that we never staged it.. is not a speedster so he attacks everyone from different angles using tactics that we have yet seen. it is scary for psychological reasons. the others did not have that kind of impact . ”

For his part, Jesse L. Martin confided that Alchemy would make an indecent proposal to Wally: “Joe does not obviously not two of her children are in danger through the streets of the city’s character will make a great Alchemy. .. suddenly telling Wally that he is able to restore his powers and it will cause Joe to all adversity ” Finally, the beautiful Candice Patton was pleased that Kid Flash was finally going to be exploited in the show : “Kid Flash is a character so loved by fans in the comics so I think it’s really cool that fans of comics can finally see that character to life.” one thing is certain, we are eager to see the further adventures of our favorite hero. Pending further information, see our review of episode 5 of season 3 of The Flash. What do you think of Doctor Alchemy?