The Flash Season 3: What future for Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) on the show?

Cinema 27 May, 2017

Will Tom Cavanagh, the interpreter of Harrison Wells and his doppelgangers, return to another version of the character in season 4 of The Flash?
It was revealed that a lead character in the show had died in the Season Finale of the season 3 of The Flash . Indeed, HR sacrificed to save Iris! The novelist of Earth-19 exchanged its place with the young woman taking the appearance of the latter thanks to a technology of its world. In season 1, Tom Cavanagh played Harrison Wells which was only a “mask” for Eobard Thawne, Reverse-Flash. In season two, the actor came back under the guise of the scientist known as “Harry” and father of Jesse Quick. When the latter had decided to return to Earth 2, HR had come straight from Earth-19 to help Team The Flash .
Tom Cavanagh has a regular role in the series so he should appear frequently in season 4 of The Flash . Harry is always welcome to Barry’s team but the scientist is not the type to abandon his own Earth. So, it is quite possible that we soon meet a new version of Harrison Wells. However, Tom Cavanagh admitted that if all the doppelgangers look like two drops of water, they all have different characters . If Harry and HR are heroes, it is possible that the next Harrison Wells is not really trustworthy. While waiting to learn more about the future of Tom Cavanagh in season 4 of The Flash, Discover also if Barry could go crazy because of the Speed ​​Force in the next episodes . And what version of Harrison Wells will you play Tom Cavanagh in season 4 of The Flash?