The Flash Season 3: What if Savitar were the future version of Barry Allen?

Cinema 28 December, 2016

While the season 3 of The Flash is largely centered on the fight of our hero against Savitar, could it be possible that the god of the movement is none other than the future version of Barry?
A new theory shattering! And yes the meltynauts, Savitar is very powerful and since his arrival, he clearly terrorized the Team. Beyond his desire to annihilate Barry, he proved he was ready for anything in order to “prepare for his return” as he himself said in the mid-season finale recently aired on the CW . But who is it really? Who is behind this robotic and threatening look? While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Barry and Iris had slept together in season 3 of The Flash , is it possible that the movement of God is other than the future version of Barry? Yes, this theory is incredible but it could very well be credible. First of all, if you are fans of comics, you must have noticed that the appearance of Savitar looks more like that of Future Flash. Indeed, in the comic books, Savitar looks more like a warrior than a robot with blue and silver lightning while Future Flash is quite that description . Additionally, Savitar confessed to the Team that Barry was the past while he was the future. And if we take this sentence literally, it is clear that Savitar could be our Barry of the future.
Especially as the movement of God does not stop there and says he “knows his strengths and weaknesses. I know you better than you know you yourself.” He knows that he will be betrayed, that someone will die and that another will suffer a lot worse than death. But how could he know all this if it is not the future version of Barry? Since Savitar is the god of the Speed ​​Force, speed could have given him the gift of knowing everything that happens in the multiverse. But the most striking argument remains the one related to the crossover. If you followed this special episode, you know that we finally heard the message of the future Barry addressed Rip Hunter . In this message, the Barry of 2056 is clear: none of our heroes have to trust the Barry of the present. At the time, everyone thought that old Barry was referring to Flashpoint and the consequences of the phenomenon. What if it was wrong? And if the future Barry tried to warn the Team that they have in front of them someone making a bad decision and who will turn it into Savitar?
Especially since Barry has not yet learned his lesson. Thus, we thought that after the terrible consequences of Flashpoint, our hero would stop playing with time but it was without counting on the vision of the future in which he discovered that Iris would die in five months. As we have seen in the promo video, Flash, Vibe and Kid Flash will foment a plan to save Iris. A plan that will take them to travel back in time and could still cause aberrations . However, it is true that it would be very strange if the Barry of the Future could decide to kill Iris. But we are in The Flash and everything remains possible especially as Andrew Kreisberg had entrusted this summer that the arrival of Savitar clearly had a link with the Flashpoint. Finally, Savitar is a man not just a robotic god. It can therefore have a secret identity. A list of elements that could well accredit this thesis. Pending more information, see the promotional video of Winter Premiere of Season 3 of The Flash in which Barry admits the truth to Iris about her future . What do you think of this theory?