The Flash Season 3: Zoom officially back in Black Flash?

Cinema 22 December, 2016

Will Black Flash officially return in season 3 of The Flash? Teddy Sears, his interpreter, said more!
It was announced you are a little actress of Gossip Girl and Sleepy Hollow play Gypsy in season 3 of The Flash . If fans of the show are eager to meet her, she will not be the only character in the universe of the superhero to land soon in the series. Black Flash could also appear in the upcoming episodes. Teddy Sears, performer Zoom and Flash Black, was speaking about his possible return in Season 3 of The Flash . “Zoom was transformed into Black Flash, which has a place in the mythology of The Flash. He’s like the reaper for speedsters .” Said the actor in an interview to the website TV Guide . “Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer, spoke of their interest in relation to a Black Flash back at some point in the series.” , He told. All the hopes of finding Teddy Sears in the show are allowed!
Barry is currently facing Savitar, a speedster with similar powers to those of a god and that may well kill the poor Iris in season 3 of The Flash . Black Flash could prove to be exactly what the superhero needs to defeat the big bad of the new episodes of the series. Teddy Sears, however, admit that return might be difficult because the actor is currently playing in 24: Legacy . There were some conversations about his return but unfortunately nothing official. “It would be really nice to come back to this world again, we’ll just see if the guys on the other side think so too.” It looks like they think it’s funny, now I belong to the Fox, so there are many people who would give their agreement. I really hope so . “he concluded. We cross fingers ! While waiting to learn more about Black Flash, also discover the new video promo for season 3 of The Flash in which Barry admits the truth to Iris . And according to you, will Black Flash soon appear in season 3 of The Flash?