The Flash season 4: Episode 1, all the details of the Season Premiere unveiled

Cinema 4 July, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash will not be released until next October, the synopsis of the Season Premiere has just been unveiled by the CW!

Crispy info! Yes, the meltynauts, it is now several weeks that Team Flash has left us and it is always difficult to take our pain patiently because three months still separate us from the broadcast of the fourth season of the show. While Melty’s editor explained why Wally was not yet ready to become The Flash in Season 4 of The Flash, let’s get back to the synopsis of the Season Premiere recently unveiled by the CW just a few days from Comic-Con. And the least we can say is that Barry’s retirement in the Speed ​​Force is not at all easy.

“Attempting to destroy an evil version of yourself is something that no one should ever have to do, but that’s exactly what happened to Barry as he tried to save the life of Iris who was threatened by the Savitar’s speed gun, however, Barry’s victory was short as an unbalanced Speed ​​Force moved into the Central City sky, forcing our hero to sacrifice himself for the good of all. The world now stuck in another dimension with unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, Team Flash will have to do everything to free Barry from his personal hell. ” One thing is for sure, we look forward to seeing the rest. While waiting for more info, do not forget to vote to allow your darling to win the 2017 World Cup.