The Flash Season 4: Wally, Iris, leap in time, … 5 questions we ask about the sequel!

Cinema 11 June, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash will not be broadcast until October on the CW, here are 5 questions we ask about the sequel!

They are already missing! Yes, the meltynauts, it is only a few weeks that the series focused on the fastest man in the world has granted his summer break but we are already very nostalgic. It must be said that this third chapter ended on a real cliffhanger and that we are very intrigued by the possibilities left open for a fourth season which will unfortunately not be broadcast until next October. While Melty’s editor suggested finding out if Eddie would soon be back in Season 4 of The Flash , let’s get back together on the main issues we are facing following a spectacular Season Finale
1- Will Wally become the hero of the show?
This is the great theory that is currently circulating on networks. Indeed, in the comics, when Barry retires in the Speed ​​Force, it leaves its place of The Flash to Wally which then defends Central City for about twenty years. Would it be possible for the series to decide to follow the same path by offering a good promotion to Keiynan Lonsdale? Everything is possible even if we have a hard time imagining the show without Grant Gustin.
2 – Will Killer Frost join the team?
At the end of the third season, Killer Frost is completely lost . Neither completely naughty nor completely nice, the young woman is likely to choose to return to the good side by joining the Team. The opportunity for her to go on the field and fight alongside Cisco. But nothing is played and it could also be torn between her two instincts. This intrigue promises, in any case, to be very interesting.
3 – Will Gypsy stay with Cisco?
Cisco finally found love and it was time. After having long courted the sister of Captain Cold, he is now very close to Gypsy who was also a valuable help in the team’s fight against Savitar. But let’s not forget that it comes from Earth-19 and that its craft seems to be passionately passionate. Will she decide to give up everything in order to stay with our favorite geek? Not so sure but hopefully strong . After so many trials, Cisco deserves to be happy at last.
4 – Is Iris going to have another lover?
That’s a complicated question. Committed to our hero, the young woman unfortunately had to bid farewell to her in a terribly moving scene . But while Barry has decided to retire in the Speed ​​Force, will Iris be able to embark on a new love affair on CW ? If she should first take the time to mourn her relationship with Barry, will she find another lover when the time comes? This would announce an enticing love triangle.
5 – Will we see a leap in time?
A leap in time is clearly possible in order to allow Grant Gustin to resume very quickly his costume of The Flash and a few years would suffice largely to relaunch the intrigues. Indeed, one imagines that Barry would lose all his bearings when returning to town at a time when all his close relations have advanced in their life. Iris would have someone else in his life and our heroes would now be dedicated to the success of Kid Flash . One thing is certain, the wait promises to be long. While waiting for more info, find out why the couple formed by Iris and Barry must be less highlighted in season 4 of The Flash on melty . Which question intrigues you the most?