The Flash season 4: When will it be broadcast?

Cinema 24 May, 2017

While the third season of The Flash has just ended on the CW, when will we have the pleasure of discovering season 4? It’s time to discover it!
An explosive Season Finale! Yes, the meltynauts, if you have already looked at “Finish Line”, you know that our hero has decided to lock himself in the Speed ​​Force in order to repair his mistakes. It must be said that Flashpoint has completely upset the life of his friends and that he almost lost the woman he loved by deciding to go back in time without thinking about the consequences. However, it is difficult to really know what the next season of the show will look like, since it was a farewell that we witnessed in the final minutes of the Season Finale. While Melty ‘s editorial offered you to discover our criticism of the season’ s episode 23 of The Flash , you should know that the fourth season should land as early as the month of April, Next October on the CW . Traditionally, new seasons land in the first week of the tenth month of the year. So it’s almost four months of waiting that are on the horizon for all fans of the show!
Until then, fortunately, we will have the chance to get crisp information on this new track during the San Diego Comic-Con, which the cast is attending each year. During this event, which is usually held at the end of July, we will also be entitled to the first images of season 4. We will now have to arm ourselves with patience before we can revel in the adventures of the fastest man in the world . But then, what twist will come to explain the return of Barry Allen to Central City? Can the Team really turn the page? Will Caitlin find her way back? All answers as of October! Waiting for more information, find out who died in The Season Final Season 3 of The Flash.