The Flash season 4: When will the trailer be unveiled?

Cinema 23 June, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash is much awaited by the fans, when will we have the chance to discover the trailer of this unpublished chapter?
The wait becomes very long! Yes, the meltynauts, if the third season of The Flash ended only a few weeks ago on the CW , we have the feeling that it is an eternity so much the final minutes of the Season Finale were intriguing. While the Melty editor offered you to discover our top 3 of the best episodes of season 3 of The Flash , when will we be able to discover the trailer of the next part of the show? Based on the fact that shooting usually resumes in early July, we could get a first teaser very quickly. Traditionally, we get the first images of the coming season at the famous Comic-Con in San Diego. Indeed,
This year, it will take place from 20 to 23 July in the United States. Do not forget this crucial date since it should allow us to finally discover if our hero will be stuck in the Speed ​​Force. It must be said that since he retired, the rumors are going well. Will he give way to Wally definitely? Are we going to see a leap in time ? Who will play the DeVoe role? So many questions that will remain unanswered for the moment. But take your pain in patience and in the meantime, do not hesitate to vote every day so that your favorite show can win the 2017 World Cup on melty. Are you looking forward to the season 4 trailer of The Flash?