The Flash season 4: Why Wally is not yet ready to take the place of Barry!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash will be launched next October on the CW, here is why Wally is not yet ready to take the place of Barry!
Will Wally West become the new The Flash? Yes, the meltynauts, the doubt is still allowed since Barry chose to retire in the Speed ​​Force in order to repair his mistakes . It must be said that he was very selfish last season in deciding to save his mother without thinking about the consequences this could have on his relatives. While Melty wrote you to discover all the clues that should have jumped at us about the transformation of Caitlin into Killer Frost in the season 3 of The Flash , here is why Wally is not yet ready to become the hero Of the show!
He is still a novice
To begin, it should not be forgotten that Wally has its powers for less than a year. Remember, it was during a confrontation with Savitar that Wally ended up getting his speed. So he’s still in front of training and even though he has already saved Barry on many occasions, he often made choices that put everyone in danger. He would still need some supervision before he could be the hero the city needs in Barry’s absence . Will Jay Garrick teach him?
It is too reckless
Wally does not have the same character of Barry and he tends to go head-on without being wary of the CW . Adrenaline racer, he was already taking big risks when car racing. But now that he has his powers, he sometimes does not think and think himself invincible. This is especially what happened when Savitar trapped him and locked him in the Speed ​​Force. Hopefully he can think before acting!
He is too guided by his emotions
Wally is still inexperienced and like Barry before him, he lets himself be guided by his emotions. Pain, joy, anger, euphoria, all the feelings of Kid Flash seem to fight in him and he sometimes forgets to make the best decisions. Would we really be immune to seeing him using his powers to his own advantage? Not so sure ! One thing is certain, Grant Gustin should very quickly return to the show. While waiting for more info, discover our top 3 of the best episodes of season 3 of The Flash . Do you think Wally is ready to become The Flash?