The Flash, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why: The Best Cliffhangers of the Season

Cinema 20 June, 2017

Every year the final season of the series brings with them their lot of cliffhangers. In these times of World Cup of the series, one returns to the best cliffhangers of the season 2016-2017!
Yesterday the kickoff of the World Cup Series was given and you can now vote for your favorite series every day by visiting this page . The 2016-2017 season was still very prolific on the series and we saw all colors, especially at the time of the final season. The end of the seasons are both a highly anticipated moment because it is time to discover how the plots end but the series also like to leave us on our hunger with cliffhangers of all kinds. We then propose a return on the best cliffhangers of the season, those who almost make us wish to skip the summer and to be directly in autumn for when the series will finally return. Warning, spoilers!
The Flash
Last season, Barry finished the season with the most selfish choice he could, and this year, to make up for his mistakes and finally take responsibility, he sacrificed himself for the good of all . Indeed, he accepted to be the prisoner of the Speed ​​Force and for the moment we do not know what it means for the continuation of the intrigues. Barry missing the first episodes of season 4? Jump in time? It’s hard to know for now what the season 4 season of The Flash , next October!
The 100
Back in space, separation of the starting group and very big jump in time, this sums up rather well the last episode of season 4 of The 100 . One finds Clarke six years later who tries in vain to join Bellamy and the others who are left in space . What happened during his six years? What happens to the characters locked in the bunker? Who is in the ship that has just arrived on Earth? Ah, the wait is going to be damn long until the return of the series!
One murder resolves and one is committed , so Riverdale season 1 ended. If we are not yet 100% sure that Fred Andrews was killed, a new mystery begins all the same: who shot him? We will have to be patient again before we can discover it, since Riverdale only returns on Wednesday, October 11 on the CW.
Agents of SHIELD
This fourth season of Agents of SHIELD was brilliant from beginning to end and even more when she started playing with alternative reality. But while all the characters have managed to get out more or less unharmed from Framework, the agents of the SHIELD are far from being out of business. While they are all enjoying a well deserved meal, a team arrives, freezes them on the spot and then suddenly finds Coulson in space . What? Where is Coulson? What happened to the rest of the team? So many questions for which we will have to wait to get the answers.
Orange Is the New Black
Every season of Orange Is the New Black leaves us on a big cliffhanger, and each year we have to take our pain patiently to wait for the next. Last year, the season ended with Daya pointing a gun at Humps and beginning the rebellion. Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black ends at the end of this rebellion as the SWAT team arrives to restore order and arrest the inmates . The last image we see is Alex, Piper, Taystee, Nicky, Red, Black Cindy, Frieda, Suzanne, Blanca and Gloria holding hands in the empty pool and we do not know what will happen to them if They are going to be abused, injured or worse … Moreover, we do not know what will happen to all inmates in Litchfield.
Stranger Things
Stranger Things , as the name suggests, made us live a lot of strange things and the end of season 1 did not really bring all the answers to our questions, quite the opposite! The return of Will as happy either he hides a lot of things and it is certain that his stay in the Upside down has changed it. One can see him spitting a kind of slug and having visions of the Upside down . Moreover, we are very curious to know what happened to Eleven.
13 Reasons Why
Netflix’s teen drama was exciting and challenging to follow and if at every episode you could not help but wonder what would happen next, the final season did not escape the rule. Indeed, 13 Reasons Why ended on a multitude of cliffhangers . What happened to Alex? Will it survive? What’s hiding Tyler – apart from weapons? What will Mr. Porter do? Will the Baker win their case? In short, we ask a lot of questions and we look forward to discovering season 2! What are the best cliffhangers for the 2016-2017 season?