The Flash: The WestAllen couple, Flashpoint, HR Wells, … the best and the worst of 2016!

Cinema 29 December, 2016

While the season 3 of The Flash will not come back until 2017, let’s get back together on the best and the worst of 2016!
The year 2016 was loaded for The Flash! Indeed, between the Flashpoint, the new characters and the concretization of the WestAllen couple, many things took place this year in The Flash. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover if the season 3 of The Flash could survive without WestAllen torque , back in detail on the best and worst of the iconic series of the CW in 2016. First of all, We must admit that we were largely disappointed by the duration of Flashpoint. Indeed, the actors and screenwriters of the show spent the whole summer teaser a big event and would totally upset the series. Unfortunately, in just one episode, the Flashpoint was coming to an end. Yet a failed plot that had potential to max as the new reality seemed full of secrets to discover . Even though the consequences of Barry’s choice are still being paid for now, we are still frustrated that we have not been able to benefit more. However, we are absolutely delighted to see that the WestAllen couple finally came to fruition. After three years to turn around, the two characters finally decided to start and now live a beautiful love story. Complices and deeply in love, we are eager to see how all this will evolve especially with the terrible prophecy of Savitar.
Besides, Savitar is a good villain even if his appearance rather robotic and similar to a transformers does not seduce us very much. Nevertheless, we were very disappointed with the revelation of the Doctor Alchemy’s identity. Indeed, from the beginning, we suspected Julian Albert of being the culprit. So when Tom Felton ended up discovering Alchemy’s mask in his closet, we were not surprised as we had been last year with the fake Jay Garrick aka Zoom. It was far too predictable and so it was a shame. On the other hand, we regretted that Cisco wanted as much for Barry. Yes, it was interesting to not let our hero get out as easily but the plot eventually became long and less and less credible . Fortunately, the powers of Killer Frost surfaced again in the end of 2016 and it was a real pleasure as we love the performances of Danielle Panabaker when she slips into the costume of the nasty icy. The confrontation between Killer Frost and Barry was absolutely delightful and it was brilliant to remind us how many characters died for the often selfish choices of the fastest man in the world.
In the same way, we enjoyed the cliffhanger of the end of the year which left a real suspense for the return. Will Barry reveal to his loved ones that he saw Iris die? Has he learned the lesson and will he do nothing without seeing his girlfriend get murdered by Savitar? The answers intrigue us a lot. But this is not the only thing we particularly liked this year since the arrival of HR Wells was a good breath of fresh air so Tom Cavanagh mastered his art to perfection. Talented, funny and intelligent, the actor never stops surprising us by offering us to discover this third version of Wells as crazy as malicious . Finally, our little favorite goes to Wally now in full possession of his powers. What a joy to see him rushing into the field with such enthusiasm and seeing him ready to do anything to save his family and all the innocents of the planet. If the season 3 of The Flash is not perfect and it sometimes lets go by concocting intrigues of the fillings, it still pleases us enormously. Pending more information, find out what will happen in the next few episodes of Season 3 of The Flash on melty. And you, what did you like and hate in The Flash this year?