The Flash, Westworld, Orange is The New Black: Completely unexpected eliminations!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

While the first phase of the 2017 World Cup is now over, many completely unexpected series have been eliminated. We make the point!
The parade of the losers! Yes, the meltynauts, if many series have managed to pass the very first stage of this 2017 World Cup, others have unfortunately not succeeded in convincing you and have therefore been eliminated. While melty’s editor suggested you discover which series were selected for the round of 16 , let’s come back together on all the shows we thought were untouchable and yet rolled!
The Flash
This is the big fall for the DC Comics show. Indeed, if Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow managed to make it into the round of 16, it is not the case of The Flash which is perhaps under the third set of reverses below the previous ones. It leaves its place at Stranger Things, a real phenomenon this year and at The Vampire Diaries which offered us its very last season this year. Big disappointment for all fans of The Flash who hoped to see her brandishing the trophy.
The HBO show did not last very long in the competition and it is quite unexpected given the success it has met with the public. New, fresh and disconcerting, Westworld had managed to attract the favors of the greatest number thanks to an original, complex and deep pitch. If she has not managed to go further, we can imagine that it is because it has stopped being broadcast a few months and that its second season will not be launched before 2018. Fortunately, the fans will remain to him Faithful!
Orange is The New Black
The Netflix series had almost managed to beat Arrow in the first round but it was not enough. Fans of the green archer awoke to the very last second offering him a great victory. It is a pity for the girls of the series who can boast of having proposed a fifth season of thunder. However, we bet she could go much further next year and why not even afford the supreme title! Come on, let’s not lose hope!
Prison Break
Yes, the meltynauts, we put a lot on the Revival of Prison Break. A real phenomenon when it was broadcast on M6 seven years ago, we were convinced that the return of Michael and Lincoln would enchant you and make you want to vote for her. Like that, even a limited season is not guaranteed to please the greatest number. Will she have a chance to go further next year? Probably ! It remains to be seen if the FOX will renew it but according to Dominic Purcell, the network would start. While waiting for more info, keep voting for your show to win the 2017 World Cup. What do you think of these eliminations?