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Entertainment 13 September, 2017


Like most of the inhabitants of the island of St Martin, the former moderator Stéphane Collaro must face the terrible consequences of the storm Irma. In the aftermath of the disaster that has destroyed 95% of the island, it has probably lost everything, started from his house, but also the various hotels in which he had invested, as well as its rental business.

When came the time of retirement, the former host and comedian Stéphane Collaro is located on the island of St Martin, in the Caribbean. He hoped to sink peaceful days in the sun, away from the hustle and bustle of the city… But the transition from the destructive hurricane Irma, last week, has permanently turned the daily life of the retired 74-year-old.


Arriving at St Martin there are a couple of years, the star of the Collaro Show has founded several companies, including the company, Patou Caribbean, specialised in the rental of cars, like in the tourist accommodation. It also has the hotel Villa Caye Blanche, which he directs and where he resides all year. The former host has also invested in another hotel on the Nettlé Bay Beach Club, as well as in a residence hotel on the beach of orient Bay. Many buildings that were likely to have been badly damaged by the cyclone… This would not be a surprise, when we know that 95% of the island has been destroyed, most of the roofs torn off by the wind, the water and electricity cut off, etc


Post Here Paris, Stéphane Collaro was on the island at the time of the fury of the storm. He would have managed to take refuge in a local technical course, which is located under his house. Safe and sound, therefore, but the log states thatit “would be that the walls ” of his house today. An experience no doubt traumatic to the former tv star, who will have to tackle with patience to the reconstruction of its properties. It is not the only celebrity to have seen her damaged goods : Johnny Hallyday, or the actor Yves Rénier also have houses on the neighbouring island, St Barts.

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