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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


The evening of Laury Thilleman would turn into a nightmare. After a press conference on Wednesday 13 December, the former miss France has been the victim of a car-jacking boulevard de la Chapelle. The young woman wanted to share his misfortune with his fans on his account Instagram.

This Wednesday, December 13th, a press conference was held at the Ice Cube bar in Paris to announce the holding of the raid female Finland trophy, which will be held next year from January 25 to 29. On this occasion, many personalities were present. Valérie Trierweiler, Laetitia Bléger, Gérard Holtz, or even Laury Thilleman accompanied by her lover, the chef Juan Arbelaez. A nice evening that would have been quite wrong for the former miss France.

As she came out of the press conference, and that she was at the wheel of his car in the boulevard de la Chapelle, a person has tapped on his window on the driver’s side and has returned to his rear-view mirror. Laury Thilleman was then decided to open his window to replace the rear view mirror. “And there, there are two guys who type on the back window of my car to divert my attention and, there, I see an arm that goes in my window. You will understand that it is a method extremely well-rehearsed, since my phone is placed at the level of the radio as it serves as a GPS, the guy grabs my phone, ” tells of a troubled young woman in his stories Instagram.

Laury Thilleman and subsequently decides not to let it go. “It was then that my survival instinct begins and my fighting spirit is starting up. Don’t ask me why I got out of the car, I put the hand brake, I chased the guy who had my phone. I found myself among a group of ten guys and I retrieved my phone, ” says the young woman. Fortunately, all ended well for the former miss France. “More frightened than hurt, not certain that my reaction was good because I would have very well been able to take a fist in the figure and find myself disfigured. I’m not injured, I have recovered my phone. Needless to say, I was shaking, I was completely in shock in returning to my car. But I’m fine, everything is going well, ” said Laury Thilleman, visibly chastened by what she had just experienced.

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