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Health 3 July, 2017


The line-up for this evening of Fugitives, broadcast on France 3, Pierre Richard is one of the most popular of the French cinema. His grandson, Arthur Defays, wants him to also become an actor, and led a parallel career as a model.

The tall blond with one black shoe has what to be proud of. His grandson walk worthily in the footsteps of his famous grand-father. In fact, Pierre Richard – at the shows this evening with Gérard Depardieu of the Fugitives, broadcast on France 3– is the happy grandfather of six grandchildren and one of them wants to also embrace the career of an actor. It is called Arthur Defays (Defays being the true family name of Pierre Richard) and is currently following courses of theatre.

But in the meantime you drill and whether it will have the same career as his augustus, grand-father, the young man of twenty years to endorse the costume of a model. He has parade for big brands like Lanvin, Mugler…

Side cinema, Arthur Defays has played in a few movies like Cloclo, where he plays Johnny Hallyday, The fox yellow or even A profile for two, a film which he co-starred with Pierre Richard. On television, he has played in a series called close to home and in which his character is called angel face. A whole program.

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