The funniest running TV gag series, the ones we want to see repeat forever

Cinema 3 January, 2017

The best jokes are not necessarily the shortest …
The running gag or comic rehearsal is certainly the most complicated to handle: difficult not to fall into the heaviness, and I do not even need to add that you already see this colleague relou who always has the same joke in stock since That you know him. Gender instead of saying “I usually” Mr. prefer the elegant “I have a hard bite” . Fortunately there are some series to raise the level and prove that the best jokes are not necessarily the shortest.
Rachel and Monica are still bite their fingers, they have lost their apartment on this fucking question to which no one has ever answered: but what the hell Chandler? Almost throughout the series, the mystery hovering around the profession of sérial-vanneur , will be a subject of ridicule. In fact, we vaguely know he was working in computers, in “the reconfiguration of data” and “statistical billing” . Yes, the kind of profile that makes you want to swipe left on Tinder. At the end of the series, the guy of Monica ends up still getting a craft a little more comprehensible in a pub agency.
Or “Slap Bet” VO. It all starts in episode 9 of Season 2: Marshall and Barney try to guess what Robin used to do in her native Canada and why she hates shopping malls so much. For Marshall, the lady got married in a shopping mall, while for Barney, she has a past of actress porn … The one who is right will be able to slap the other one. After a bout where both of them went mandalas thinking (incorrectly) that they were right, Lily, the Umpire of the bet, proposed a solution to Barney, who was the last bettor wrong 10 data immediately slapped slapping or 5 data at any time by Marshall . The seducer in starco will choose the 2nd option. A huge mistake that will pursue him like a sword of Damocles throughout the series.
If you’re a fan of “The Office” , you necessarily know the preferred valve Michael Scott, as you have surely taken to your account elsewhere in the coffee machine. The most cracked boss in the world can not help to swing “That’s what she said” ( “That’s what she said” VO) to clear any remarks in a conversation . It is stronger than him. Example: Dwight helps Michael to push his face into the concrete not yet dry (to leave his mark as Hollywood Boulevard) with the advice “Go as deep as you can Michael” . Bread blessed for Michael that even with cement in the mouth, managed to draw his cult “that’s what she said” . A verbal tic more or less since taken over by Sterling Archer with his famous “Phrasing” ( “Formulation” in VF) in the series Archer.
Another one that has only one thing in the mouth (That’s what she said! #LOL). Fred The Fish is a recurring set of “SpongeBob” that often appears in the background to the Krusty Burger. In fact, the man is best known for a single sentence: “My leg!” ( “my leg!”), that mouth whenever a disaster happens . The first time it was in episode 4 of season 1, in which Bob caused an explosion after a car accident. Poor Fred (one of whom will learn the name soon after in the series) being one of the victims to be deplored that day. The creators have decided since this episode that his cry would be a running joke every time it gets somewhere in Bikini Bottom, to the delight of the fans.
As I speak, Bernard the hamster must certainly be on his way somewhere in the globe. The little rodent has become a running gag of Season 3 of “Malcolm” . Originally, he was the pet of the Dewey class. And as it is often done in the United States to empower pupils, Dewey had custody for a week (Episode 6 season 3), which he hoped to use to show his parents that he could ‘ To occupy an animal. But as dab ‘, Lois and Hal had nothing to worry about. Dewey thus made his life on his side to establish a quasi-fusional relationship with Bernard. Impossible for him to pass it on to the brute of the class, which was the next on the list. He therefore placed in an orange hamster ball with a max of food, and left to go in nature, not without shedding tears . And if we saw a rather dark destiny for Nanard, the screenwriters were responsible for giving us reassuring news: the hamster appeared four times in the background in different episodes. We saw him for the last time on the Alaskan side of Francis …
In terms of running gag, any series not hold a candle to Arrested Development that elevated the matter to an art. There is even a website ( ) that lists them all. Among them: the supposed homosexuality of Tobias, while the latter is married and father of family. But this former psychiatrist, who found his calling as an actor after a boat ride with gay comedians, will never make his coming out, despite the confusion in some of his words and gestures . In season 1, he says for example that he prefers to sleep with Robert Redford rather than Sofia Coppola. Is that the bicuriosity?
The favorite series of the Dieudosphere. Each episode of “Psych” in fact contains a pineapple must be fun to find . An easter egg initiated by the USA Network chain at the end of the 1st episode in which Shawn brought back the exotic fruit. “The Psych” is causing quite another running gag delusional, which pushes him to invent a new nickname every time he presents his sidekick Gus someone. They are all listed here .
We could have evoked here the different female nicknames that Coxy amuses himself to pass on to J. D, but no, it’s not bad enough, not diabolical enough, not enough Dr. Cox what. There is someone on this planet happens to fuck rage doctor even faster than its internal awkward, his wife or Bob Kelso and it’s Hugh Jackman . We do not really know where this hatred of the actor who encamped Wolverine comes from, but Dr. Cox never hesitates to swing his cleats in the middle of the long punchlines of which he has the secret. It’s completely free and that’s why we love it.
With a single pair of glasses, Clark Kent can deceive any Metropolis about his real identity. Bah side of Springfield is a bit like the mysterious “El Barto” no one has yet recognized. While it’s just Bart fucks his shit behind a mask that hides almost nothing . His name is tagged almost everywhere on the buildings of the city, whose court he knows rather well. Among the funniest scenes, one can quote the one where the Principal Skinner discusses in his office with Lisa. When the bulb head tells him to Bart, the principal then this tasty reply: “Bart, the second worst criminal in school … after the mysterious El Barto” , before turning to face a graffiti of El Barto in his own office.