The future series Galaxy Quest, to finally give his new

Cinema 21 August, 2018






In the early 2000s came out Galaxy Quest, Dean Parisot. Not a masterpiece, but certainly a very nice comedy, science-fiction, which did Star Trek in a scenario in the end quite moving. And a movie that has become cult over the years.

And it is true that beyond the parody, Galaxy Quest was first of all a sincere tribute to Star Trek, with its pyjamas, its characters, its technology and its aftershocks slightly ampoulées. If the film has not been a huge success in theaters at the time, he remained in the hearts of a lot of people, to such a point that we have to wait for 18 years that a sequel is in route.


The crew of Galaxy Quest


In 2015, we learned that a tv series derived from the film had been commissioned by Paramount Television, Dean Parisot, would take on the position of executive producer and… that was about it. Since, Galaxy Quest has given a sign of life. Until a few hours ago when the comedian-writer Paul Scheer, in charge of the project, was let go a little bit of biscuit at the microphone for the podcast, Shoot this now, revealing not only that he was still relevant, that it had been delayed due to the return of Amy Powell, the former boss of Paramount Television, in the wake of racist comments last July, but especially that he had to expect a return to the caliber of the Awakening of the Force, outright :

“We want to create something that gives the feeling of epic sequel, while remaining in continuity. I liken to this was The Awakening of the Force in relation to Star Wars. The film continues the story but introduces new characters. I hate the movies that are sailing in the same waters as the previous ones. We need new things.”


Unfortunately, it will happen to Alan Rickman


That said, there is no need to fear that the series is a total negation of the original movie, and leaves its characters on the low side. However, it should also not be overlooked that the situation has changed a lot in 18 years, especially from the point of view of the public :

“My desire with the series is to find out how to explode it, to give satisfaction to the fans of Galaxy Quest all in, and that’s really what matters most to me, making it so that it speaks to the “me” of today. That is become this version of me who had so much loved Galaxy Quest 18 years ago ? That is what he would like to see today ? Because I think that it still remains a movie to be made and that still has not been done : The Tropic Thunder the science-fiction of today. When Galaxy Quest came out, it was a thing of a niche. Star Trek was a thing of a niche. Now, it occupies the largest hall of the Comic-Con. So, it’s pushing to go in that direction.”


Sigourney Weaver to return ?


Therefore it is necessary to wait for large changes while remaining in continuity. All that the ambition clearly declared is to take back a part of the cast original, as the showrunner had more or less been mentioned in the past year, micro Slashfilm :

“There will be a mixture of the two castings. And this first season will not be episodic, but in a form of serial. I want to avoid anything that could suggest a remake just for a remake. There are real reasons behind all of these choices, maybe even too much.”

In short, about which, on the whole, reassuring the fan, even if, for the time being, all this remains theoretical. It is still necessary that an official announcement of the filming and the release date is revealed. Which should leave us time to discuss the future of the series as it should be.