The galley of Elodie Gossuin, broken on the highway

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

Elodie Gossuin had a little car worry this Friday afternoon. The former Miss France shares her galleys with her netizens, with a lot of humor.

“Blonde Life” , writes Elodie Gossuin Friday afternoon on Instagram. In picture, we can see a truck repair, red and painted words “Roadside Assistance”. The former Miss France obviously had a small car worry. But we do not know if it is a failure or mishap – although this should not be very serious, as the young mother has bothered to share that moment on social networks .
This little mistake, Élodie Gossuin seems to take it to laugh. “Truck squeaker” , “I’ve bean” and “Queen of galleys” she wrote also, as a legend and not without humor.
If one does not really know where Elodie Gossuin had this little technical problem, one imagines all the same that she was going to Paris. Indeed, late last year, we learned that the young woman was going to have an issue with it on France 2 , from the first month of 2017 already passed several times on France 2 and France 4, host the morning of RFM will take possession of the vacated niche on the public channel, every afternoon at 16.45 after the cancellation of the show Amanda Scott. For now, few details have emerged about the content of the show will present the mother of Jules, Rose, Josephine and Leonardo . Just do we know that ” this unknown title format oppose both beginners candidates who will receive advice from a chef with a headset to make a dish worthy of a great restaurant. “