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Entertainment 9 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

At the micro Europe 1, the filmmaker Patrice Leconte, sharing, excited, a souvenir of the singer Johnny Hallyday, who died on 5 December last year died of cancer of the lungs.

In 2002, Patrice Leconte was running, Johnny Hallyday, who was fond of cinema, in his film the man from The train. At the micro Europe 1, the filmmaker, visibly moved, said : “I had a watch of nothing and then I had to make a gesture accidentally, and I farted my watch. But I have not made a scandal.” 2 days later, Patrice Leconte nevertheless receives in his hotel room, a small cabinet, as well as a signed note from Johnny Hallyday : “For you to continue to be at the time on the shoot “. And inside, there was this watch which was just beautiful”.

The filmmaker tells the story of the generosity and delicacy to the attention of the rocker : “He asked about my tastes, he knew that I had broken my watch. He knew what kind of shows I liked, not the big watches of safari but the round watches with numbers and needles. He offered me a watch very beautiful. This shows the attention he gave to other (… ) I will not ever leave, and certainly not now.”

On 5 December last year, Johnny Hallyday had died as a result of a lung cancer against which he fought for long months, in his home in Marnes-la-Coquette near paris.

Photo credits : AGENCE / BESTIMAGE

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