The Great Wall: Matt Damon facing monstrous creatures, our critic!

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Matt Damon is now playing the movie The Great Wall, a heroic fantasy epic. Check out our review.

Between Wonder Woman , The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 , Thor , Alien: Covenant or Star Wars 8 , 2017 will be full of blockbusters that eyeful. And you do not know maybe because we had heard little, but it’s starting today with the release in theaters of the Great Wall , Zhang Yimou. You surely say, what is this Chinese film? But in reality, the Great Wall is more than that: it is a heroic epic fantasy, which mixes Chinese culture and Hollywood , with none other than Matt Damon in the title role. The latter plays a mercenary who finds himself imprisoned in the jails of the Great Wall of China. And, as if by chance, it is this moment that monstrous creatures choose to attack the edifice by the thousands. Suddenly imprinted with heroism, he decided to join the Chinese forces in a final confrontation for the survival of humanity. A rather basic intrigue, of which the director himself acknowledged that it did not shine through its subtlety. However, Great Wall proves to be good entertainment.
Alongside Matt Damon in particular include Pedro Pascal , the actor who played Oberyn in the series Game of Thrones . Their two characters form a very good duo, bringing a comic dimension to the film. Limit one side “buddy-movie” . Without their bickering and their scathing replies, the film would be clearly flatter and less interesting. But we do not hide it, so we suggest you go see the Great Wall , it is mainly for the battles that send heavy in terms of explosions , action scenes, fights and special effects . With a budget of 150 million dollars, this is the most expensive film shot in China, and it shows. After, it is certain, it is not the film of the year in terms of scenario, but we still spend a good time. It’s up to you to test!