The Guardians of Galaxy 2: Ayesha and Taserface Unveiled in the Super Bowl Trailer

Cinema 6 February, 2017

Because we never have enough, a new trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was unveiled, to our delight. And, as usual, he sends heavy.
79 days , the meltynautes! This is what we have to wait to discover the new adventures of our Guardians of the Galaxy worshiped! As much to say that the impatience is at its height and the new trailer unveiled at the Super Bowl 2017 is not going to help us! Because in addition to offering us more and more explosive and crazy images of our Guardians in action, badass like never, and to put us in full view between epic space battles, gunfights of tares and strange powers, this new trailer offers us the first glimpse awaited new villain, or rather tHE new ugly, Ayesha . Embodied by Elizabeth Debicki , she is adorned with gold head and feet and dares ask Star-Lord and company “to whom do you take?” . The question not to ask this band of degenerate, basically. We are still somewhat disappointed with this first appearance, which does not give us really cold in the back.
But Ayesha is not the only villain to show herself. Taserface, the new leader of Pests played by Chris Sullivan, also reveals, and it is clear that he looks disturbed as our Guardians. Because yes, Yondu will no longer be the leader of the Ravager, he will have much better to do: help the Guardians of the Galaxy face Ayesha and his sprawling monster. Besides, we see Rocket welcoming him in this new trailer. And novelty, Nebula will also be part of the Team ! Here is a team that promises, knowing that the original one was already well barred. Only small disappointment: Ego, the living planet and incidentally the father of Star Lord, does not seem to want to show. But the BO caught up with everything. At the sound of The Chain , Fleetwood Mac, everything is more cool result, promising to pass a mixtape as “awesome” than the last. And you, what did you think of it?