The Guardians of Galaxy 2: Dave Bautista “Drax and Baby Groot are fighting like two brothers”

Cinema 30 April, 2017

Dave Bautista is back in the skin of Drax and we met him for an exclusive interview. What changes for the character?
Metamorphosis ! Drax is back in the dark rooms with James Gunn ‘s new film The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 . If his character was not necessarily at the center of the plot in the first film, he found his place in the new section of the franchise Marvel Studios and it is with great pleasure that we find him at the cinema. Funnier, more honest, more integrated … Drax finds taste for life and it is hilarious! As we unveil exclusively our interview with Kurt Russell for the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 , it is Dave Bautista’s turn to answer our questions!
The first film was a huge success, was it easier or more stressful to turn the second?
No I was not at all stressed by the success of the first film, I was very excited to find this character because it is the first time I play the same role twice in a row. But I was not at all nervous because I have known the team for years, they are my friends and I trust them.
What is the biggest change for Drax in this movie?
Drax is really happier, he is pleased with what he has, he has found people whom he holds and who regard him as a member of the family. Of course he still suffers the loss of his loved ones, but he is no longer alone. Drax learns to live again, he makes new experiences … He is really happier than in the first film.
Do you have anything to do with this change? Have you asked James Gunn this evolution for your character?
No, it really was James Gunn who made the decision! I was convinced that he would like to get closer to the version of the Comics which is much more violent, destructive, but he really wanted to insist on the funny side of Drax that the fans could see in the first film and I Believe it works well!
Drax is much happier, but he is not necessarily more friendly with his new family. When he tells Star Lord he’s pathetic or Mantis is really ugly … He does not have great esteem from his team!
Drax is someone very honest, he has no filter, but he is not nasty voluntarily, he just says what he thinks aloud. It does not really realize that it can be hurtful. He’s really trying to give good advice, but he’s still learning!
He shares a lot of scenes with Mantis and even if he tells her that he finds her ugly, he feels that he is attaching himself very quickly to her. How do you see their relationship evolving?
Drax cares about Mantis, but more like a little sister, he wants to protect her, he decided to become his mentor. But I think no one can replace his wife so it’s not about love.
Can we talk about the relationship between Drax and Baby Groot who refuses to dance before him?
I like to see them as two brothers who are always making fun of each other and fighting. If Baby Groot refuses to dance before Drax it is because he considers that the dance is stupid and ridiculous and Groot loves to dance!