The Guardians of Galaxy 2: How did the Stone of Power affect Star-Lord?

Cinema 22 February, 2017

Remember, at the end of the first movie, Star-Lord came in contact with the Stone of Power. And obviously, the latter is going to have some side effects.
It was certainly one of the strongest moments of the Guardians of the Galaxy . When Star-Lord, ready to do anything to save the galaxy from total destruction, seized the Stone of Power, knowing full well that he could die, consumed by his power. Besides, although he held out more than he should have been, he almost got through it, beginning to disintegrate little by little. But it was not counting the rest of the team, who did not hesitate to join him to maintain the energy of the stone. Then the film ended, and we did not really ask the question of the side effects that the Stone of Power could have on Star-Lord. Because yes, there are many! And according to Chris Pratt , we’ll get a little insight into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ! At a recent press conference, the actor said “it played a certain role” . “His interaction with the Stone of the Infinite in the first film has an effect – you will learn a little more in the second film. But yes, it is an important aspect of what it is “.
If it does not teach us much at the moment, it has at least the merit of arousing our curiosity. Could it be that Star-Lord develops new powers through this ? Or does the Stone have an effect on its personality? And what about the fact that he was able to hold it so long by touching her, when we remember very well the young alien at the collector, who had been consumed in no time at all? Could it be that Ego, the father of Star-Lord, whose future look can be discovered , is the one that brings some answers to our questions? And what does that mean for The Avengers 3: Infinity War and the future plans of Thanos ? And you what do you think ?