The Guardians of Galaxy 2: Michael Rooker “Yondu goes through a difficult period”

Cinema 1 May, 2017

Michael Rooker is back in the skin of Yondu for the Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 and we met him for an exclusive interview.
Who is really Yondu? The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is in the dark rooms since Wednesday and it’s really cool to find them all for new adventures that are both funny, rich in action but also very touching. Some characters encountered in the first part come out of the shadows and this is particularly the case of Yondu played by Michael Rooker who unveils himself in a new light. On the occasion of the coming to London of the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 , we had the chance to meet the actor who answered our questions. So what are the big changes for Yondu and especially what relationship does he have with Star Lord in this new round? He tells us everything!
The first film was a huge success, was it easier or more stressful to turn the second?
It was easier because we already knew the characters and that in this film, we really learn to discover them. It’s always easier to explore a character’s personality when you’ve already played it and in addition you’ve done a lot of cool stuff in this movie so it was really great.
We learn a lot more about Yondu in this new section, was it a will on your part for fans to understand it better?
No, because I do not play a role to please the fans. My job is not to make the fans like or hate my character, I’m here to do the job and respect the script.
What is the biggest change for Yondu in The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?
Yondu is going through a rather difficult period, managing things from his past that have a real impact on him. He is watched very closely by the other Ravengeurs who feel his weakness and who try to use it to take over him, so it is not easy for him.
You get to know the more affectionate side of Yondu in this film, a request from you or an idea from James Gunn?
No it was James Gunn’s idea and I was very happy to do so. We talked about the story of Yondu and maybe that’s what made him want to exploit it in the film.
There is an incredible scene in the film with Yondu and his arrow and one realizes how powerful he is. Why did not he set out to conquer the universe?
I do not know ! He has very interesting talents, he knows very well whistle … His arrow is really fast and can eliminate many enemies in a very short time. Every time I think about it, it impresses me. Why did he not go to conquer the universe? Because this is certainly not what interested him!
How would you describe the relationship between Yondu and Peter Quill in this new film?
Unlike the first film, I am no longer a leader, it is. We act more like equal beings than as father and son, but the two share some pretty moving moments …