The Guardians of Galaxy 2: Star Lord and Mantis brother and sister, the theory that stirs fans

Cinema 16 May, 2017

What if Star Lord had not yet discovered all the secrets about his family? A new theory of a fan announces that the hero could be the brother of Mantis.
Is there a superhero with a simple family history? While Spidey lost his parents and was raised by his uncle and aunt, Tony Stark also saw his parents disappear in a tragic accident. Thor must manage his half-brother Loki rather dissipated when Gamora has to manage a rather angry sister and a father rather on the side of the hyper-powerful fools … You will have understood, one can not have everything in life and Star Lord does not Is no exception to the rule. WARNING SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN THE GUARDIANS OF GALAXY VOL 2 . Still there ? We know since the first movie that Peter Quill saw his mother die before his eyes as a result of a brain tumor.
So when he finally meets the father he has been looking for years to discover that he is a psychopath and that he is also responsible for the death of his mother, it is said that some family reunions Are better when they do not take place. Yeah, Ego is not the dad Peter dreamed of, but maybe when in this whole story, our favorite hero won a sister. Yes, a fan let his theory explode on Reddit in which he explains that Mantis could be the sister of Star Lord. In The Keepers of the Galaxy Vol 2 we learn that Ego has pregnant thousands of women through the Galaxy (and among these Meredith Quill) in order to give birth to a powerful enough child that would allow him to carry out his crazy project.
When we meet Mantis she is on the side of Ego from a very young age and has no idea of ​​the identity of her biological parents. According to JMH1982 (the Reddit user), the young woman Ego uses to control her sleep and also her moods could be, like Peter Quill, one of her creations. She could have been killed like the others, but it turns out that her gifts were useful enough for Peter’s father and that’s why he kept her all those years with him. The family is an important theme in The Guardians of the Galaxy so we would not be surprised if this theory were true, but as the Guardians proved so well in the film.