The Haunting of Hill House : check out the detail that could completely transform the end

Cinema 14 November, 2018






In appearance, the end of The Haunting of Hill House is Clear like rock water. But are you so sure ?

The fantasy series Netflix has marked many minds, and has imposed, in the heart of the criticism as the public, as a huge success for Netflix. And for many, the end of this story tragic to have had an air of relief, they could soon regret.



Welcome to the Red Room


It is actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who has perhaps sold the wick. Remember, after you have gathered the members of the family Crain, the haunted house locks them in the Red Chamber and immerse them separately in a hallucination ruthless

“There is this element, when we all find ourselves in the Red Room. I have the gut feeling that I’m going to have to be careful not to say anything. But when each child, all brothers and sisters, is found in the Red Chamber, a part of their hallucination becomes red.

And I’m talking about all small items. For Luke, when he hallucinates that hotel room, while he wore Converse throughout the series, suddenly they appear red. It is so discreet that you can barely see it. And I believe that Steven is wearing a sweater. “

If the actor recalled in the interview that he granted to The Wrap, this is because in the last seconds of the story, another object appears red, at a time when all our heroes are supposed to be out of the house, and have survived.


Welcome to Hill House


But in the picture, the cake of Luke, which indicates that complete two years of sobriety, appears red, as if our protagonists were still locked up in The Haunting of Hill House ?

“This is Kate Siegel, who plays Theo, who pointed out to me, that showed me the cake of Luke. She told me ” the cake is red “, and in the middle of the shelf I exclaimed ” Oh my god ! “So I asked Mike Flanagan, and he told me” I don’t know “. So I am unable to tell you if I’m crazy, or if it is really something. “


Welcome to car


Is it a trap ? We have another theory. As he explained recently, the director Mike Flanagan has long planned to end the show on a twist cruel, which would be revealed in the ultimate plan that the protagonists had the illusion to be escaped, but were still in the Red Room.

It will have waived this twist fatal than a few hours before putting it in the scene. Thus, the red cake could be an artifact, announcing this change abandoned… Or simply confirming that it has changed shape.


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