The Haunting of Hill House : check out the ghosts hidden in the terrifying series of Netflix

Cinema 15 October, 2018






If you are part of the curious who rushed to The Haunting of Hill House, you must still have some cold sweats. And this is not finished.



Rent comfortable !


New adaptation (very free) The Haunted House by Shirley Jackson after The House of the devil by Robert Wise and Haunting , Jan de Bont, The Haunting of Hill House is for many the first true master-stroke of Mike Flanagan.

As indicated by its title (and its cold trailer, for those of you who have watched it), this is a ghost story. And those that contain the 10 episodes are particularly strong and you bet that many viewers won’t soon forget the Man with the Cane, or the Woman with the neck twisted.


Look to the left… under the table…

A charming duo to the right…

This would be-not uncle’s bleak at the end of the corridor ?


While the world has no quota of vitamin D


But most terrifying may be that the main spectra of the narrative, are also found throughout the narrative of the entities, which will never be in the center of the action, preferring to observe the characters as they struggle with a reality that turns into a nightmare.

In fact, each episode is peppered with silhouettes of menacing, waiting, facing, and it is very easy to miss. On the other hand, for whom the landmark, the anxiety becomes irrepressible. We have not yet identified all these ghosts (there will soon be a point on the question), but here are already some examples of their terrifying presence.

The Haunting of Hill House is already available on Netflix and is one of the works the most successful of the platform. Our criticism is to be find here.


And on the left, who owns this channel and in this hand ?

Curious face in the top right

And another, here, on the left

Still a voyeur, always on the right…