The Haunting of Hill House tease his return and the masterpiece of the fantastic that the series of Netflix will adapt in season 2

Cinema 22 February, 2019






The Haunting of Hill House comes to teaser his grand return… and to indicate what would be the work adapted by Mike Flanagan.

Unquestionably one of the great tours de force of the year 2018, The Haunting of Hill House has taken a lot of world of short and definitively imposed on the director Mike Flanagan as one of the stage directors, the most promising of the moment, and one of the best craftsmen in the fantastic.

With some audacity, the series réadaptait the novel by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting, while embracing (and distracting) also his famous adaptation, The House of the devil by Robert Wise.


The Haunting of Hill House


At the end of his excellent first season, it seemed obvious that his story was ended, and that the show could not continue to work if they operate in the manner of an anthology, and take on a completely different plot.


A new Haunting is coming. Can you guess where it takes place? Listen closely…

— The Haunting of Hill House (@the haunting) February 21, 2019


With a first teaser ad, this is what Netflix has confirmed. We discover, therefore, that the show, still directed by Mike Flanagan, will be back in 2020. And some indications of the material that the filmmaker has chosen to adapt. In fact, you can hear over the images of this short video a few whispered words… It is a matter of a few lines emblematic of the Tower of Nut, by Henry James.


Flanagan will he the disturbing theme of the film Jack Clayton ?


This will install the Haunting of Hill House in a logic similar to that of the previous season, since the Turn of The Nut is a classic matrix, which has been largely infused into the fantastic, and will in particular be given to the 7th Art, a masterpiece of pure terror : The Innocents Jack Clayton.

Again, Flanagan will have to navigate between a literary classic and its embodiment in film, and to produce an original story. I bet that there attèlera as soon as it has completed its work on Doctor Sleep, the sequel to Shining. We already know that this new series will be called The Haunting of Bly Manor.


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