The heroines of many badass TV series that could replace the “too sexy” Wonder Woman at the UN

Cinema 15 December, 2016

Two months after his enthronement as ambassador to the UN, Wonder Woman has been throw because “too hyper-sexualized.” Here we have some ideas of successor …

“Even if the creators of heroin have intended, when it was created, to make a strong and independent warrior capable of carrying a feminist message, the current image of the character is that of a white woman big chest, measurements impossible, just wearing a body wrap ” . The petition anti-Wonder Woman, and the complaints of many feminist voices, finally to bend the UN: heroin DC will no longer be an ambassador for the organization for the empowerment of women and girls worldwide , while she held the tAF for only two months. History leave the position vacant as short as possible – well yeah, inequality men / women have not taken them forced vacation – we have some good suggestions badass heroines of TV series that could ensure that mission oh so important.
A girl who has saved us from the Apocalypse and that demolished the Force. Besides that, kill patriarchy is as easy as putting a rouste Spike.
A girl so baleze Luke Cage still has nightmares about her. We are all addicted to the super-heroine.
A girl to grasp that whisperer US President … Translation: Holy Olivia Pope runs the world.
A girl who has been treated like shit by her boss Don Draper – and men in general – before taking the bull by the horns and shake misogynistic codes that reigned supreme at the time. From the shadow to the light.
A girl who has a katana. Which is more than enough to be in this list.
A girl who missed almost a similar position in the series. Why not run it in real?
A girl who could land on the Iron Throne tomorrow with dragons, but who prefers to stop everywhere on the way to free the oppressed. Like that, just for the hearts.
A girl who never loose the case, much like its fanbase that through various mobilizations managed to get a third season in extremis and a film (released March 14, 2014).
A girl who manages the challenge of raising only a kid barely old it less, while having beside it a professional and emotional life quite busy. Hat.
A girl with a sense of honor, more valiant than a whole army, which prefers to trudge across Westeros improbable quests rather than being take over by Jaime Lannister.
A kid who made his difference … a force capable of overturning cars and abut the infamous Demogorgon. We see it to return to the place our world upside down.