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Health 3 July, 2017


A few days of the wedding of Ernst-August Junior of Hanover and fashion designer Russian Ekaterina Malysheva, the father of the young man opposes this union. It is Ernst August of Hanover, husband of Caroline of Monaco since 1999.

Ernst-August Junior of Hanover and fashion designer Russian, Ekaterina Malysheva, must pass the ring finger on Saturday 8 July with festivities for ten days, as provided in the Marienburg castle in the south of Hannover, Germany.

Yet, the prince and father of the groom, Ernst August of Hanover, opposes this union. As explained in the edition of the swiss 20 minutes via its website on 3 July, the former husband of Caroline of Monaco would have its reasons for wanting to preserve the goods of the family. Particularly lands in Lower Saxony.

He is said to have declared to the German business newspaper Handelsblatt this week : “ The decision has for me not been an easy one to take, because it’s about my son. But I see myself forced in order to preserve the interests of the house of Hanover, and property, including cultural rights, which are owned for centuries . It did, however, nearly a year that the couple got engaged in Greece.

As to the place of the wedding, this castle has been bequeathed to us by Ernst-August of Hanover to his son in person, he was twelve years old. In the family of Hanover, history repeats itself… Ernst August has also experienced a disagreement with his father, at the time of uniting with the zurich and the daughter of industrial, Chantal Hochuli, in August 1981. The groom to be will he be able to count on the support of her younger sister Alexandra of Hanover, the daughter of Caroline ? On the side of the Rock of Monaco in any case, now was the time for bottles and happiness for young couples.

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Caroline of Monaco –Alexandra of Hanover

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