The Incredible Family Kardashian Season 13 Episode 11: Kris Jenner Pregnant Kim’s Baby, The Recap!

Entertainment 22 May, 2017

This is an unexpected sequel! Yesterday, episode 11 of The Incredible Family Kardashian Season 13 was unveiled. Kris Jenner proposed to Kim Kardashian to carry his next child … We make the point!
The weeks go by but hardly resemble each other in The Incredible Kardashian Family . Yes, the best-known clan of American reality TV always finds a way to amaze us. And if the ex of the monager, Caitlyn Jenner confessed to having regretted playing in the Incredible Family Kardashian season 13 , its presence has nevertheless brought to him an important mediaization. But for several weeks now, there have been great tensions between the two opposing camps. Was Kendall and Kylie’s father right to put her family on their backs? Business to follow! In any case, for the moment, Kim and Kourtney want to catch up with Khloé. After their tense trip to Costa Rica, the three sista decided to organize a small souvenir trip to Palm Springs. At the same time, Kris Jenner received an amazing proposal from a member of the royal family, which brings us to the BIG topic of episode 11 of The Incredible Kardashian Family Season 13: Will Kris Jenner Get Pregnant Soon Children of Kim Kardashian? We explain everything!
In the final episode of The Incredible Family Kardashian Season 13 , Kris Jenner receives a letter from a member of the royal family (who? Big question) proposing to freeze his eggs to eventually give birth to another child. If the momager seems against this idea at first, she will quickly come back to the subject. While Khloe, Kim and Kourtney are organizing a three-way trip to their former home in Palm Springs, Kris Jenner is helping Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The couple is experiencing some personal difficulties and is on the verge of breaking up. Fortunately, Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife is here to help his son who seems determined to settle things with Dream’s mother . And there, Is the unexpected moment of episode 11 that comes. The momager learned that she could still carry children. Following this statement, Kim Kardashian, who would put her life in danger if she got pregnant , asks if it interests her to become her surrogate mother. What will be his answer? See you next week to find out …
And do not forget meltynauts, episode 11 of The Incredible Kardashian Family will air on E! In France , this Friday, May 26!