The incredible generosity of France Gall in Africa : “It was a lot of good while concealing that this was it” – Gala

Entertainment 13 January, 2018


It is on a small island in senegal, off Dakar, France Gall loved to come relax. A small corner of paradise for which she has worked in all discretion.

The 7 last January, France Gall left us. A shock to both the French and the Senegalese. In fact, the singer had taken up residence on the tiny island of n’gor, off the coast of the capital Dakar. A refuge in paradise, which she discovered in the 1980s with Michel Berger while the couple is on a humanitarian mission. After the death of her husband in 1992, and then that of their daughter, Pauline, in 1997, France Gall feels the need to regularly go to recharge the batteries on his island, where she owns a house.

Very attached to its cocoon by the senegalese, the interpreter of Resists weaves real links with the local population. All of them are unanimous, it was an incredible generosity as revealed in an article in the Parisien. Here, no false pretense. This is what pleases him and do him good. “It was his quiet and preferred to be with people from here. She appreciated the quality of human relationships. The kindness and tolerance of the people of this village,” says his neighbor.

Of the simple people and caring that France Gall has always had a heart to help. Both of small daily gestures, “when an artist was a knock on her door, she welcomed all. She was buying small objects to all the world, to help the local business,” recalls Alioune Thia a seller of tissues, only by the action of a larger scale. In 2007, she helped the kindergarten in the village, which opened its doors in the 1990s thanks to his support, to acquire three new classes. All this, in the utmost discretion. “It was a lot of good around her while concealing that this was it,” said a saleswoman of jewelry very close to the singer. Away from the scene, and glitter, it is in silence, but with the same fervor, that France Gall gave voice to his island and its inhabitants.

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France Gall

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