The Incredible Kardashian Family: Kim Confirms a Season 14!

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

That’s a good news ! While the show The Incredible Family Kardashian was about to be canceled, Kim confirmed the season 14 …
For several seasons now, the TV show hosted by the most famous family of American reality TV is winging. Yes, the life of the clan Kardashian / Jenner no longer excited the crowds. It must be said that the episodes resembled each other. But then, did the Incredible Kardashian Family lose the recipe for its success? What’s more, the launch of Kylie Jenner’s next solo series, Life of Kylie , and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-Scott Disick, will shadow KUWTK . But we do not change a winning team and it was Kim Kardashian himself who confirmed the renewal of The Incredible Kardashian Family for a season 14 . It’s party time!
It was on his Instagram account that Kim Kardashian confirmed the good news. One finds then, placed on his sofa, a telephone in hand, addressing one of the cameramen of the Incredible Kardashian Family . In legend of her picture, she simply marked “Season 14” . Doubt is no longer allowed! The incredible Kardashian family will be in full swing for another year. In any case, this seems to be doing the business of Kim Kardashian, whose colossal fortune was unveiled . Kanye West’s wife runs the family business as a chef and is not ready to stop.