The Incredibles 2: The intrigue concentrated on Elastigirl?

Cinema 17 July, 2017

New details on the plot of the Incredibles 2 were unveiled this weekend and we know on what character this new adventure will focus!

A new heroine to the honor! After the success of Wonder Woman at the Box Office or the successful entry of Rey in the universe Star Wars, the heroines have less and less afraid to become the stars of their films. The D23 (Disney Convention) was held this weekend and the first details about the plot of the Indestructibles 2 were unveiled and the excitement rose a notch. It is now known that the plot will start only a few minutes after the end of the first film and it has also been learned that Elastigirl aka Helen Parr should be honored.

Yes, if in the first film we were rather focused on Bob and his desire to leave the routine to regain his role as superhero, it is Helen’s turn to put our eyes full while Mr. Indestructible will be Responsible for Jack Jack’s education! The good news is that the last of the family is not a baby like the others and that his dad will have something to look after, even if we suspect that at some point the whole Parr team will be donning his suits To save what must be! For all the Disney fans, we also got a lot of info on The Queen of Snows 2, The World of Ralph 2 and Aladdin!