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Entertainment 8 August, 2017


During the replay of a number of Research apartment or house, on the 6th of August last, a couple of buyers contacted by the magazine Tv Star, Suzanne, and Yarek pushed a rant against the issuance of Stéphane Plaza which has helped in nothing to find the home of their dreams, but has instead been wasting their time.

A great regret. It is this which marks the transition from Yareck and Suzanne in the issuance of the facilitator a tad exhibitionist, Stéphane Plaza, Recherche appartement ou maison (M6). Yet in 2013, the program was going to help them find the property of their dreams. Already parents of a little boy, they wanted to expand their family and find a house in Martignas-sur-Jalle near Bordeaux. But when the magazine Télé Star contacted on the occasion of this replay, the discourse is not of the happiest. “We’ve lost our time, “says Yarek. We visited only three houses in three days so that we could visit a dozen without M6. I think that there were more properties that met our criteria in Martignas.

In this research, the manager of a car rental agency and this autoentrepreneur were supported by the expert Laurence Rousserie. “She found a property that matched our criteria, but she did not know anyone in the real estate industry, provided details of the former member. She had no network and was knocking at the door of the people randomly to see if their house was for sale.Finally, the house on which they have a blow of heart for their password under the nose. “At the time of the visit, the house was already sold, supports the father of the family. The production did not seem aware.

Tv Star has also contacted the production to have a reaction to these claims. “What you see on the screen is like in real life, develops Pascale Albertini. We have not been contacted at the end of the three visits to make up the complaints, but, if it had been the case, we would have continued with searches outside of filming. “As for their” hunters apartment, Pascale Albertini sold as an asset, not as a novice: “The peculiarity is that they are not based on a particular sector. They are a kind of intermediary between the buyers and the agencies, which they call : they visit the apartments, and select only those that meet the expectations of their customers.” Stéphane Plaza, which has already lost exclusivity in its mark Plaza real Estate, may need to straighten out the bar and re-engaged his hunters for its issuance is not ultimately discredit.

Stéphane Plaza

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