The justice ordered the exhumation of Dali

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

In addition to his painting, Salvador Dali йtait known for its extravagance… and its whiskers. (Photo: Keystone)

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The Spanish justice has ordonnй, almost 30 years after his death, the exhumation of the remains of the painter Salvador Dali for a prйlиvement DNA, as a visionary, 61-year-old provides be his daughter.

This inhabitant of the city of Gйrone (Catalonia), Pilar, Abel, has prйsentй there are annйes a request in court to be recognized as such. But the case raises skepticism in Catalonia, the rйgion oщ Dali is nй in 1904 and oщ he йtй enterrй in 1989, in the city of Figueres.

“The Court of First instance no. 11 of Madrid has ordonnй the exhumation of the corpse of the painter Salvador Dali, in order to obtain йchantillons of its remains and dйterminer if it is the pure biological a woman of Gйrone”, dйclarй Monday, the department of communication of the Court supйrieur of justice of Madrid. “The йtude of the DNA of the corpse of the painter is nйcessaire because there are no other remains biological or personal to make a comparison,” noted the court in a communiquй.

This dйcision – taken by a civil court – can still be contestйe in justice. And the Foundation Salvador Dali, siйgeant within the musйe the same with the word name а Figueras, aussitфt argues that it йtait that”a йtape more in the context of a procйdure”. “The dйcision is not dйfinitive and may be the subject of an appeal,” said а AFP a spokesman.


In a tйmoignage unclear, diffusй in march 2015 а the tйlйvision Catalan TV3, Pilar, Abel had assurй have had the first doubts about the identitй of her pure when she was eight years old. Her great-mure he would have then said : “I know that you’re not the daughter of my son, I know that your pure is a great painter”. “She had told me the name : Dali”, she had affirmй. Pilar, Abel says that his blackberry, “in love with Dali,” he has confirmй this story, before being achieving dйmence sйnile.

The newspaper catalan La Vanguardia had prйsentйe in 2015 under the title “the seer, who is the daughter of Salvador Dali”. “The history paraot totally implausible”, prйvenait the daily, explaining that this woman nйe in 1957 in a clinical Figueras said to be the fruit of love is clandestine а Cadaquus. The newspaper reminded а this йgard that she had dйjа vain rйclamй 600’000 euros а the йcrivain Spanish Javier Cercas for prйsumйes insults in one of his novels.

A figure of extravagant

Great name surrйalisme, Salvador Dali is dead а the age of 84 on January 24, 1989 in a hфpital of Figueras, after a life of intense and trйpidante, alimentйe by its crйations gйniales and its extravagances. Wealthy and dйsespйrй, he had vйcu its seven derniures annйes recluse in his chвteau of Pubol, а a few kilomutres of Gйrone, in the middle of a court of caregivers and secrйtaires. It is enterrй within the thйвtre-musйe of Figueras that he had him-same with the word imaginй and has reзu in 2016, more than 1.1 million visitors.

This application paternitй, 28 years after his death, would perhaps be amusй, who, willingly facйtieux, had sold a fake hair of his mustache 10’000 dollars а Yoko Ono, according to a rйcit actress and former singer Amanda Lear.