The knee prosthesis is connected : a world first

Health 24 January, 2018


Published the 24.01.2018 at 13h55


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Human bionic is on the way. Yesterday, in Brest, the project FollowKnee has officially started. The goal is to create dentures that are connected can be a sign of infection or mechanical failure. The project, bringing together researchers and companies, owns not less than 24 million euros and five years to meet the expectations.

The interest is to take a course in this area. Frequently, the problems encountered in terms of a prosthesis of the knee are infection and alterations in mechanical. The aspect of ”connected” of the prototype will allow to evaluate directly the state of the machine. The opportunity to treat the failure time, which is a luxury in relation to current prosthetics.

A project futuristic

The 3D printer will take care of the creation of the prosthesis. Inside, small sensors will measure the temperature and the ph level. This information will be sent to doctors via Bluetooth. The sensors will send spontaneously in real-time alerts if any data is abnormal. One of the difficulties lies in the need for the co-existence of man and electronics : the sauce must be taken between these two bodies. If man is autonomous, the machine was not : it will be necessary to recharge the prosthesis. Tracks ? Place the patient in an electromagnetic field. This raises other questions, medical as ethical. In spite of everything, in case of success, the project FollowKnee will inspire other researchers to take care of the hips, ankles or shoulders.