The Land: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing and dance in new extracts

Cinema 16 January, 2017

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will be on January 25 at the La La Land musical. Discover them in two excerpts of the film.
This is the phenomenon of early this year and La La Land should be talked about for a long time! While Americans have the chance to experience the magic of last Damien Chazelle recent weeks in US theaters, the French public will still have to wait a bit as the musical will be released on January 25th in cinemas. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling reveal their talents in La La Land and dazzle in the roles of Mia and Sebastian, two characters with which they won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and Best Actor at the beginning. The awards race is just beginning and the Oscar nominations are fast approaching!
The two excerpts which are revealed to you today give a beautiful glimpse of what awaits you in the dark rooms. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling share a perfect alchemy and when they sing and dance together it’s even better! We had the chance to see the film and honestly, it ranks among the best musicals EVER. We highly recommend it! To not miss any movie this month, we invite you to discover the cinema outings January , Enjoy!