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Entertainment 9 December, 2017


For 22 years, Laeticia has watched over Johnny Hallyday : bringing love, comfort. with their two girls, Jade and Joy, she offered him a home. Strong in the face of adversity, Laeticia, however, has finally cracked.

From November 2016, and the diagnosis of his cancer of the lung, Johnny Hallyday was able to count on the unfailing support of Laeticia. Terrified at the thought of losing it, she has until the end wanted to believe in the miracle. It must be said that they have faced other trials. Despite the mood swings of his man, his blues, Laeticia will have hoped, pushed the unthinkable. For months, Laeticia has held good, despite moments of discouragement.

And up until the verdict of the doctors , informing them that there was nothing more to do, he had to stop the treatments, and prepare for the end. It is she who has warned the relatives, the family. But if the face of the medical corps, Laeticia wanted to make a good figure, and to brave one last time in death as she did on the social networks with his hashtag Fucklecancer. ” My men will fight till the end “, she started… before collapsing into the arms of Sebastien Farran, manager.

Has the family she wrote, reported Paris Match” My man no longer has the forces to fight against the disease “. One can imagine how those words were difficult to pronounce. Laura, David, Eddy Mitchell, Nathalie Baye, Sylvie Vartan, they will all come to the clinic Bizet , and the following days to the Savannah to say goodbye to the one that they thought they were immortal.

Has the difficult mission of preventing the family, but also Jade and Joy : she chose not to conceal. 1 13 and 9 years old, the girls are already on social networks and can be protected from circulating rumors about the health of their father. The night of the tragedy, Laeticia meet his relatives, before taking the pen to write the text by which it announced the disappearance of the man of her life. The comfort, Laeticia finds in the faith. These last weeks, the woman in the rocker and prayed several times a day… a comfort in these painful moments.

This 9th of December, a great tribute popular is held in place de la Madeleine in Paris : the fans are already very many at 9 in the morning for this goodbye.

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