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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


Jeremstar is walled up in the silence. Following the release of an intimate video on social networks, the columnist makes a low-profile. In the columns of Tv-Entertainment, his lawyer takes the floor and explains his absence.

For several days, Jeremstar is in turmoil. The columnist has been questioned in a case sordid. A user answering to the nickname of Aqababe has circulated the social networks, an intimate video of the chronicler in the process of masturbating. Jeremstar is also criticized for his relationship with a certain Pascal Cardona, accused Aqababe to the diversion of minors. The revelations, which have deeply affected the writer. Since the start of the JeremStarGate, the columnist is conspicuously absent. His last speech of 17 January last. The young man had announced in a press release to have filed a complaint against Aqababe.

In the columns of Tv-Entertainment, his lawyer, Aude Weill-Raynal is back on the silence of the chronicler. She reveals that this case has plunged the young man into a state of “despondency,” adding, ” My client is very affected by what happens “. Aude Weill-Raynal said : “He has no desire to hole up and not feel any embarrassment or shame. He just wished not to pollute the investigation and not to give rise to this individual [Aqababe].” In addition, according to the lawyer, Jeremstar has been interviewed by the police in the course of the case after her complaint against Aqababe. “He came in with full trust to the justice and police” has entrusted Aude Weill-Raynal.

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