“The little murders of Agatha Christie”: false breasts, false ass, that hides behind Marlene?

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Over the seasons, with his look at Marilyn, Marlene, a secretary and nunuche enamored strand, took more and more importance in the series Small murders Agatha Christie , involving more than 5 million viewers the Friday night, on France 2. A series that has just been elected favorite series of the French in 2016. Elodie Frenck, the actress who hides behind this character Hollywood blonde, (she faces him in this photo- Assembly) almost stopped the craft. Back on an uneven course.

I’m back for the series of TV movies, Small killings ‘ Agatha Christie , with Samuel Labarthe, Blandine Bellavoir and Elodie Frenck. The team is currently filming its fifth season in Tourcoing in the north .
To camp the role of Marlene, we asked Elodie Frenck to emulate Marilyn Monroe and Joan, the redhead secretary in Mad Men . ” As I had just mom, I was a little reclining, but I still put two bras on one another to add relief! She remembers, amused. Now it is enough to put on a corset with false breasts and small integrated buttocks (the whole realized by Poupie Cadoll) and the turn is played. Add to that a peroxide wig, a mouth and nails painted red carmine, a pair of stilettos and here is Marlene. A complete transformation for Elodie who, in the city, is the exact opposite (jeans, sneakers, no makeup). So, despite the success of the series, it passes everywhere incognito.
A birth “by chance” in Switzerland, a Peruvian father pediatrician and a French mother, teacher, nothing predestined Elodie to the profession of actress. Nothing but this funny virus that pushes her, from the age of 10, to persuade her parents to enroll in a children’s theater school. ” But outside the half-brother of my mother (Laurent Gamelon, ed), there are no actors in the family! “She admits.
Bac en poche, she arrives in Paris and settles with her maternal grandmother. The beginnings are difficult. Elodie even speaks of a ” depressing period ” between 25 and 30 years. She does not let go, chains the little roles and the food jobs, but nothing really goes. Neither work nor loves … In short, she wonders if she should not let down her dream. And then there is what she calls modesty with a ” big accident “. Elodie is on vacation with three friends in Kho Phi Phi at the time of the tsunami. They narrowly escape. ” After that, I no longer wanted to be hurt, I no longer wanted to suffer, I vowed that no one would put my head under the water ,” she said. And luck finally knocks at his door. She meets her lover with whom she now has a little 5 year old boy, Abel, and connects turnings. Until the day when Marlène and her ultra glamorous look comes into her life. Six months of shooting per year-and that, since 5 years- if at the end of filming, Elodie quickly swapped her high heels to find her jeans-sneaker range, she confesses, however, try to put ” a little kindness Of [s] personage in [s] life, as long as to do! “