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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


Nicolas Sarkozy keeps an eye well-informed on the current policy. According to le Parisien, the former president has launched a pike well severe for both Emmanuel Macron and Hollande…

Nicolas Sarkozy may well have retired from political life, he remains very present in the media. The support of the PSG was invited by L’equipe TV on Monday 22 January and commented on the sports news. The policy even keeps always an eye notified of his successor and did not hesitate to swing a pick felt good with a young LR. According to him, cited this Wednesday, January 24, by the Parisian, if Emmanuel Macron is successful, ” it is above all because he succeeded in Holland, and that il could not do worse than the previous quinquennium , “one can read. And then recognize : “we’ll have to see what comes of it over the long term”. Ouch…

Spades abound decidedly between former presidents of the Republic. The current head of State is forbidden to be a ” president of the rich “, according to le Canard Enchaîné last November. “The people are some of the choices to be unfair, it is a thing. But there is no picture of me in the process of me strutting in the middle of the rich “, let go of Emmanuel Macron, lashing out here and there even the image of ” bling-bling “, which has stuck to Nicolas Sarkozy throughout his five-year term – after dinner with her victory at Fouquet’s and his journey aboard the yacht of Vincent Bolloré in 2007.

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