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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


After having himself suffered from ill health, Guy Carlier makes today a beautiful tribute to Johnny Hallyday through a video published on the website of Tv 2 weeks.

In her fight against cancer, Johnny Hallyday has had the chance to be around him loyal friends. Friends ready to help him if the need arises, and always there to cheer him up or give him courage. The last personality in date to offer its unconditional support for the rocker 74-year-old is none other than Guy Carlier. Former columnist Marc-Olivier Fogiel has required, in effect, sent a moving message to his great friend through a video of almost three minutes as published on the website of the Tv 2 weeks.

For a start, Guy Carlier tries to explain to Johnny the importance it had to his eyes, as well as those of thousands of fans. “It all started with you. I was ten years old, “he recalls with emotion. The first time I saw you on tv, I said to myself : this is it, I understood the meaning of life. In France, conformist, bourgeois, you’d say to a generation that existed, you were our first lesson of freedom “. At the time, Johnny pulls out the disk The idol of young people. As all fans of the rocker, Guy Carlier buys the album and listens to it in a loop. Very quickly, the pouch sitting on his bedside table. “Every night, I was talking to your photo is looking up at me , “reveals Guy Carlier.

Once these memories of the early days mentioned, the columnist tries to be an exercise of anticipation. He imagines a short time the media circus that would go on the road to the death of his idol. “We have the right to the word game rotten on the front page of the newspaper Libération. On tv, Drucker te will devote a special issue. Pagny will sing as loud as you, with the emotion of a floor lamp, Matt Pokora will kill you a second time in consecrating an album of covers as he did for Claude François. “This table is black, Guy Carlier does not, however. He doesn’t believe it really either. “On reflection, he concludes, of course you’re not going to die. Continuing to make the fingers of honor to the death, announcing the tours in 2018 and even after. A type like you can’t die !“.


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