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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


During his trip in China, Emmanuel Macron, has taken in his luggage, the famous chef of the kitchens of the Elysée palace, Guillaume Gomez. It is him who prepares a pot offered to 1200 people came to listen to the French president. And there is no need to say, the French countryside is the place of honour.

Emmanuel Macron is visiting China since Monday, January 8. A diplomatic visit that is not only political. In fact, the head chef of the Élysée palace, Guillaume Gomez, is also part of the experience. Interviewed by Le Parisien, the king of gastronomy at the château presidential since 20 years came for the promotion of the French countryside. On Wednesday 10 January, he prepares a pot for 1200 people came to listen to the president. And it starts with the wine. “It is a question of domains not necessarily very well known, announces the leader. But this allows us to give them visibility “, he says.

Side dishes, Guillaume Gomez wants to do good and not expensive. “It’s costing us three to ten times less expensive than paying for a local caterer,” explains the chef. And then, above all, the goal is to bring a little bit of France to our fellow countrymen. The food’s not ostentatious, there was no lobster or things like that. But the ingredients typically French, such as cheese or meat. “Platters whole composed of regional products French very specific. “There are Bayonne ham, salami, mortadella pork, rabbit terrine” , details the lovers of French gastronomy. “I’m here to put our terroirs in value,” says William Gomez.

It has also analyzed the tastes of the chinese people to the French products. “Here, they are particularly fond of Napoleon “, he says. Sent from Paris, cardboard boxes are full of these jewels of the pastry, created in honor of the emperor. All the other cakes have been made in the kitchens of the Elysée palace, and “the clementines come from Corsica, “he says proudly. With a leader who is fiercely defending French cuisine, Brigitte Macron prevents her husband from giving in to the junk food and snacking. She had also complimented William Gomez on his kitchen with which “we do not take a gram” when the children of Unicef France came to visit the Elysée palace. The king of the kitchens of the palace confided in the show C to you that the First lady had a diet very healthy.

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