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Entertainment 27 January, 2018


After acknowledging for the first time Gerald Darmarin of rape in 2017, a 46 year old woman comes to new to file a complaint against the minister of the Action and of the public Accounts. A survey has therefore automatically been opened by the prosecutor’s office in Paris.

In its edition of Saturday, January 28, 2018, the newspaper Le Monde, reveals that the minister of the Action and of the public Accounts is subject to a charge of rape. According to the newspaper, an ex-call girl of 46 years has filed a complaint against Gérald Darmarin for facts dating back to the year 2009. As required by the law, a preliminary investigation has therefore been automatically opened by the public prosecutor of Paris to try and untangle the true from the false. According to the complainant, the rape would have been committed in response to a service rendered by the minister, while the latter was still head of the mission of legal services of the UMP.

In 2009, Gérald Darmarin is still aged only 26 years. He is approached by a young woman seeking his help in a criminal record. Sophie Spatz provides that in exchange for this service, the minister would have raped her in a hotel room. If she does not contact initially the justice to file a complaint, the appointment as minister of Gérald Darmarin in may 2017 pushes her husband to write a letter of denunciation against the former head of the mission. Forwarded to the prosecutor, the message triggers the opening of an investigation on the rape supposed to. However, on July 11, 2017, the procedure is closed without a result for ” total absence of the offence “. Sophie Spatz has refused to respond to the calls and invitations repeated investigators in charge of the case. Gerald Darmarin removing in turn a complaint against his prosecution for ” false denunciation “.

This is that beginning January 2018, the complainant is advised by a new lawyer. It convinces her to file a complaint. Sophie Spatz runs. The survey is reopened automatically by the parquet de Paris. The accusing is called the 25 January and heard during eight hours by the judicial police officers. The lawyers of Gerald Darmarin recall that ms. Spatz has been sentenced in 2004, on appeal, a 10-month suspended prison sentence and 15 000 euros in damages and interest for blackmail, malicious calls and threat of crime against an ex-companion. The investigators, from now on, to make sense of things. Without qualification of rape, the period of limitation will come into play, and any other prosecution for any sexual offences will be dropped.

Photo credits : Blondet Eliot/ABACA

Gérald Darmanin

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