“The Miss who want to save the whole earth it is finished” : for Jean-Pierre Foucault, the level of the Miss France has improved – at the Gala

Entertainment 14 December, 2017

Miss France

The election of miss France will take place on Saturday December 16th live on TF1. Interviewed by the channel, Jean-Pierre Foucault, who will present the broadcast, said that he had seen the election change, and this rather in the right direction.

Saturday 16th December will be held the election of miss France live on TF1 from Chateauroux. Alicia Aylies, the miss France 2017 will have to give his crown to the new beauty queen elected. The program commands, the lord Jean-Pierre Foucault. The facilitator presents the election of miss France for almost twenty years. Behind the scenes, the stage, the voting, the presenter knows the show in every detail. Throughout his career, Jean-Pierre Foucault has seen women, all more beautiful the ones than the others.

These candidates precisely, Jean-Pierre Foucault has interviewed him several times. And for the facilitator, it is undeniable that the election has evolved, and rather in the good sense. “When I started this contest, it was a little ‘Be beautiful and shut up about you’. Over time, the mentalities have evolved and the profile of candidates also : the most study. They use intelligently of the election of Miss as a social elevator, to go ahead “, says Jean-Pierre Foucault to our colleagues from TF1. Amused, he adds, ” the Miss who want to save the whole earth, it is finished “.

Saturday, 16 December, 30 candidates will compete. At the end of the evening, one of them will be elected Miss France in 2018. The prognosis of Jean-Pierre Foucault ? “In 20 years I am always mistaken (…) every year I bring bad luck to miss Provence “. It will be up to the jury and the viewers to choose.

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Jean-Pierre Foucault

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