The Mist: Episode 2, the dead accumulate, our critic!

Cinema 30 June, 2017

Hell continues for the characters of The Mist. Episode 2 of Season 1 was released last night, discover our review!
The adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, The Mist, landed on our screens last week with an explosive, suspenseful pilot . The second episode, which was released last night in the US, is once again in suspense. The showrunners do not waste time and we plunge a little more into the universe and the terrifying intrigues of Stephen King. In this new episode, the mist has completely seized Bridgeville leaving its inhabitants in fog and fear . Telecommunications do not work, bodies are found at every corner of the city, but no one understands, nobody knows what is in this mist …
We find the characters of The Mist , introduced in the first episode. The plot takes place in 2 different places: the shopping center and the village church. Kevin (father), Adrian (Alex’s best friend), Bryan (the soldier) and Mia (drug addict), decide to leave the police station to join Kevin’s family at the mall. But after being attacked by a group of men wanting to take their vehicle, they have a car accident. They go back to the village church where Conor (the policeman, father of the alleged rapist of Alex) and the old lady who lost her husband (Frances Conroy). Mia and Bryan realize that the mist makes, among other things, come back the spirits of the dead …
On the other side of the city is panic. The locals lock themselves in the mall after witnessing the deaths of several people in the mist . They want to warn the authorities and then designate who will pick up the emergency radio in a building buried in the fog. Obviously, it had to fall on Eve (the mother of the family). Another man decides to accompany him and together they try to join the rescue which, of course, do not answer. After discovering bloody writing on the floor, Eve would like to go back to the mall but the man refuses. He takes out his weapon and ensues a struggle between the two characters. Eve finally takes the top and pulls the trigger. Why did he want to kill her?
Night falls on Bridgeville and while Jay (Alex’s alleged rapist) goes to the mall’s washroom, he discovers two people hanged (the friends of the man killed by Eve). Just as in the novel and cult film, The Mist , these characters seem to know what led to this mist and preferred to end their lives rather than confront it. And if the series follows the thread of the story, the creatures and strange phenomena of the mist should storm the mall in the night . This episode intrigued us from beginning to end although it was slower, from a narrative point of view, than the Premiere Series. History holds the lead and actors are credible in their roles. We are eager to discover the ” Episode 3 and what hides this mist, next week on Spike TV ! And if you too are fan of series, come to participate in the World Cup of the series 2017 with melty !