The Mist: Is the adapted series of Stephen King’s novel worth it? Our verdict!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

The verdict has fallen! The pilot of the new series The Mist was unveiled last night on US screens. So, failure or success? It’s time for our criticism!
The Mist is part of the summer series not to be missed ! First of all a successful 1980s novel by Stephen King, The Mist became a cult movie, released in 2007. This exciting and terrifying story is once again adapted, this time in series, the first episode of which came out yesterday Evening in the US . For those unfamiliar with this story, you are quickly set the scene: In a small town in the United States a thick haze settles gradually. The inhabitants will then find themselves left to their own devices, unable to live normally because of the constant fog that has invaded their city.
The opening scene puts us straight in the bath: Bryan, an American military man wakes up in the middle of the mountain with his dog, without any memory. Around them, a strange mist in which his dog dies, crushed. Frightened, Bryan runs to the police station to warn them that a terrible fog is advancing on the town … The series then presents his main characters, different from those of the novel and the film. We are pleased to see actress Alyssa Sutherland (Aslaug in Vikings ) who plays the role of Eve, married to Kevin (Morgan Spector) and mother of teenager Alex. One immediately enters the galleys of this family: The mother has just lost her job, the couple does not agree on the ” And their daughter has just been raped. She accuses Jay, the most popular athlete of the high school but one feels right away that it is rather Adrian (the best friend of Alex) who abused her!
One feels the pressure rise throughout the episode as the mist seizes the city . Strange phenomena appear as insects, noises, people who poke the lead … After a dispute, the main characters find themselves separated as the mist arrives in town: On one side the father at Police station with her daughter’s best friend (who surely raped her) as well as two prisoners (Bryan and one drugged drug addict, Mia). On the other side, Eve stuck in the mall with her daughter, in the presence of Jay that she accuses of rape. Every attempt to escape through the fog ends up with a gore death … We love it!
A first episode that makes you want to see the sequel! We can not help but think of The Walking Dead: a group of humans left to face a phenomenon that surpasses them . What are they willing to do to survive? The trailer of season 1 announces suspense, drama, gore, and we are eager to know more about each of the characters and the provenance of this strange haze. So the Mist driver is a success for us! Hopefully, the show will manage to do better than the series Under The Dome , which has not been beyond the 3 seasons, also an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King. While waiting for the next episode, Come vote for your favorite show in the 2017 World Cup ! What did you think of the first episode of The Mist?