The most depressing moments for a series

Cinema 13 January, 2017

To love the series, it has not only good sides … Small compilation of the most bad moments for a seriesvore! Attention, it could remind you of very – very bad memories.

To believe we love to hurt ourselves! Maso, we? To be a true fan of series, it is many hours dedicated to the viewing of our favorite shows. But it is mainly countless moments spent ruminating in our corner (or ridiculing us on Twitter) the sometimes cruel and incomprehensible choices of these vicious writers. On this special day disaster , it’s time to come together and heal our wounds together . Have you ever wanted to break everything or lock yourself up for hours in your room after a particularly difficult episode? Know that you are not alone. The group therapy starts now, you will be able to let off steam.
When your favorite character dies, that you are in mourning and that everyone repeats to you: “it is only a series eh!”
When the two characters you’ve been kissing for 10 seasons finally get married … and it gets rotten.
When you do not understand the general euphoria surrounding a character you hate at the highest point!
When your secret serous nugget becomes known and everyone starts talking about it then it’s been a long time since you’re addicted!
When your favorite series is canceled and you are not even entitled to an end worthy of the name …
When the writers are nimp ‘with your favorite character and you would like to teach them their craft!
When you’re the only one to shit a couple (aka the only sensible person) and you become hysterical in defending them!
When the guy you hate finally dies … but that in the series people never died for good!
When your favorite series is entitled to a revival, but you are too afraid that it is a beautiful dung!
When it’s been 48 hours that you binge on Netflix, that you come to the end of the series and that your life no longer makes any sense. whatever house of cards frank kevin spacey
So yes it’s hard, but as fans of series, we’re ready for a lot … not you?