The most disgusting zombies in “The Walking Dead”

Cinema 1 February, 2017

It must be admitted that is one of the reasons why we look at the series. Even if it turns the stomach. Selection of the worst zombies seen.
Well, basically, they’re all disgusting, obviously. However, some have marked us by their particularity, their style, their history … Remember the facts in photos.
The Woman Believer
The group crosses it when it finds refuge in the church of Father Gabriel, during the season 5. With its glasses and its necklace with pearls, it is guessed that it was a discrete woman, normal, pretty pretty . But that was before, before the water accelerated its decay.
——- 1 ——-
The Cherokee Rose
Clearly, one sees a skeleton walk, apparent tripe and all the brothel. In addition, it is covered with moss and there is a rose that grows on it. The grotesque side can make us laugh, and compensate. But it remains disgusting, nevertheless.
——- 2 ——-
The guy without eyes
Victim of a skid and collateral damage, no luck. Already not very engaging, he wants to eat human and tries to overturn the metal fence that encircles the prison. Except that he and the other zombies do not. Problem: everything in front, it grows by the others and ends up being cut like cheese. His brain is cut, his eyeballs jump …
——- 3 ——-
Zombie Heads in the Governor’s Aquarium
Still a little kiff chelou of the governor. Already he uses the zombies to create a TV show, organizing fighting between humans and zombies, to whom he had to carefully remove the teeth to decide the result, in addition he cuts the heads of some and lets them float in mini -reservoirs. Wacky and completely barred. Sitting in front, looking at them. Disgusting. He, his bizarre cravings, heads, everything.
——- 4 ——-
The very first seen, a little girl
Looking back, we thought that the creators had announced the color. Rick, in his sheriff’s suit, sees a little girl and wants to help him. In a bathrobe, slippers and with her plush rabbit, she runs away … then turns around: boum, a very flippant and disgusting zombie. In addition, she sets him like “you look delicious”. Even children, no limit.
——- 5 ——-
The guy with the gas mask
Another great meeting for Rick. When he and others clean up the prison, they come across a group of not-nice-zombie zombies. And friend Ricky finds himself face-to-face with the tart with the gas mask. This makes him more resistant, so Rick snatches it from him. Except that everything comes with … The zombie loses its face, the flesh takes off with the mask. Want to vomit.
——- 6 ——-
The decomposed man of the sewers
Maggie and Aaron go for a walk. What better than the sewers, the city of Alexandria? She tells him she’s pregnant, tells him she can give him his name … So cute. And bim, the atmosphere drops down with a zombie attack. Another reminder: zombies dragging in the water is a bad plan. One, they are even more repulsive, two they are even harder to beat. And yeah, their falling skin is a nightmare. Which have you marked and still make you shiver with disgust?